Occupy Sandy Staten Island

Occupy Sandy Staten Island

Individuals/small groups please show up to 1128 Olympia Blvd daily between 10am-2pm for volunteering. Please read this full document before coming.
Large groups/skilled services please use this form to submit a request to work together in the future, and/or email statenislandrecovers at gmail dot com.
We need volunteers seven days a week, and we really need people who can come and “bottomline,” aka be responsible, for daily routine tasks of keeping our volunteer hub flowing.
Consider making a regular time in your week to do a full day or a shift: 10-2pm, 1-5pm.
The 1128 Free Store 12+ in age, indoors but no heat: Greeting people, taking donations, sorting, stacking, fulfilling orders for delivery, stacking boxes
Tool loan: greeting, signout of tools
Volunteer orientation: 18+, onsite but outdoor, dress warmly: Greeting, info sign up orientation leader on topics: clean-up, jobs, anti-oppression supplies and tools outfitting, keeping track of supplies dispatcher taking report backs data entry
1128 Communications 16+, indoor but no heat, dress warmly!: Answer phone hotline, Make calls to other hubs to check on needs, Communication with our main hubs at 520/Jacobi, Social media tracking: Cel.ly/Social media, Email checking
1128 Medic Clinic TBA, but needed
In the field
Clean-up: adults only/Medium Labor, Be dressed for messy outdoor work: Bleaching, shoveling, raking, bagging garbage
Demolition: adults only, Heavy Labor, Be dressed for messy outdoor work: removing sheet rock, clearing carpet, moving furniture
Canvassing 16+, be dressed for walking outside: calling people on the phone, dispatching groups of canvassers, going on canvassing expeditions, putting canvassing data into our database.
Driving 16+, insurance -take supplies and volunteers to and from sites -go with partner on supply drops and pick ups
Volunteering with another group [various jobs w/ other community recovery sites, we often send volunteers to other sites]
About volunteering with us
We ask that parents only bring children old enough to be independent, and to not take young folks to clean-up/demolition sites. Our facility currently has generators but no heat so we ask everyone to dress warmly. Please bring all you need for a comfortable, warm day (including snacks/water/medicines) and do not bring anything of value or anything you don’t want to get wet.
A wonderful retired NYPD group is on site grilling all day for the community, and pasta is available. We have port-o-pots on site.


DRESS FOR WORK: Clean up crews, please COME PREPARED to Work: Wear work shoes/boots, work gloves, warm clothes. Highly advisable to bring N95 Particulate Filter facepiece Respirator.
BRING YR STUFF: Bring sharpies, pens, business cards or contact info if you wish to share, paper, snacks, medicines, charged phone/charger, full water bottle.
BRING SUPPLIES:  Please bring extra heavy duty trash bags, gloves, masks, and cleaning supplies!
BRING HAND TOOLS: hammers, crowbar/prybars, utility knive, screwdrivers, wire cutters
BRING CORDLESS POWER TOOLS: Chainsaws, Cordless Drills, Cordless Saws, probably only if you are coming by car!
STAY SANE AND HAPPY: Don’t bring expensive things, breakable things, things that can get wet. Don’t wear nice clothes or jewelry. Do NOT give any of your own personal items away. Keep well fed, hydrated, and calm. Don’t do anything you are not qualified to do! Bring a friend or two! Cheer each other on!
PROTECT CHILDREN: Any clean-up crew is going to turn away children because of dangerous conditions. It’s probably best to leave children under 12 with family or volunteer in other ways (sorting, food prep and serving, phone banking, canvassing, etc).
BE SAFE: Wear safe and warm clothing, don’t lift above your weight, work at least in pairs. Please do not enter a building unless it has been assessed and determined structurally sound. Do not stay in outdoor clean up zones after dark.

BE RESPECTFUL:  Remember, the people you are speaking and working with have been through a traumatic event that continues, please be patient, respectful, and understanding of their needs and time. Ask them what they need and do NOT throw away anything without asking first and suggesting they photograph anything of value. Don’t promise anything you can’t do.

BY CAR: Fill up before coming on the island, bring cleaning supplies, and please park a bit away from affected areas to allow machinery, hauling, and transport.
If you have a car or truck and want to help transport donated goods & volunteers, link in by texting “@osdrivers” to 23559

ON BIKE: Best for transporting goods to affected neighborhoods, canvassing needs. Take bike on SI Ferry, No bikes over Verrazano Bridge and bikes can’t go on buses.
On foot: Staten Island Ferry to either the train or bus.
More info on how to get to Staten Island from NY, BK, Manhattan here.
If you are coming from out of the area, see this page for information on temporary volunteer housing.
If you are coming from Brooklyn or points north:  you can catch a ride, pick up supplies or transport more volunteers if you stop at St Jacobi Church, Sunset Park or 520 Clinton Avenue, please read about it here

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